Why you should join Crossfit

1. CrossFit Works.

It’s as simple as that. If you want to add muscle, lose fat, and improve your fitness and body composition, consistent CrossFit participation will make it happen. Your diet and nutrition are also important, of course. 

But if you do CrossFit, you have the exercise part of the equation covered.

CrossFit isn’t one of those fads or marketing gimmicks that make great results look easy. The workouts are hard, no matter what shape you are in when you start. Indeed, that’s the point. You can, of course, scale your workouts up and down to reach the level that challenges you so you improve.

2. CrossFit Helps You Develop All-Around Fitness.

CrossFit focuses on developing 10 General Physical Skills that define what fitness is. These are:

1)Cardiovascular Endurance

Becoming proficient, not necessarily perfect, at each of these elements would suggest that someone has become physically fit. A necessary component of becoming healthy and well.

3. CrossFit Stresses Functional Movements that are Useful in Life.

CrossFit focuses on movements that work with the body rather than against the body. As you develop strength and mobility through CrossFit exercises, you will notice how these benefits cross over into everyday life. For example, once I learned to do squats correctly, I noticed that bending down with my knees was less painful and, frankly, easier.

4. CrossFit is Scalable so Almost Anyone Can Participate.

If you watch a CrossFit class, you will notice that individuals may not be practicing the movements in the same way. That is because each exercise is scalable which means that if you have a past injury, or mobility issues, or lack strength in certain areas, the coaches can adjust each exercise so it works for you. 

That doesn’t mean they will make it easy—it means that they will customize the workout to fit your specific body situation at that moment. So you could easily see people in their seventies exercising alongside peak athletes in their twenties. And it works.

5. Crossfit Can Help You Reduce the Likelihood of Injury.

One area of controversy for CrossFit has been reports of injury. I suppose anyone that is moving (even simple walking) could injure themselves. And if a large number of people participate in CrossFit, we would expect that a certain number of them will suffer injuries. 

But the criticism probably stems more from the fact that some workouts require participants to do a certain movement quickly or many times during a set time period. That can be dangerous if your form breaks. That is why the coaches are there. 

In my experience, if my form diminishes during a workout, someone will quickly tell me. And the coaches will direct me to either slow down or reduce my weight if I start to lose proper form. In my experience, the coaches stress doing the exercise correctly more than anything else.

6. CrossFit Successfully Balances a Supportive Community with Competition

It is no secret that competition brings out the best in people. CrossFit builds competition into its programing leaving you with the choice to compete against yourself, or with the people around you, and in such a way that the competition is both friendly and supportive. 

CrossFit is known for its positive and supportive and social community, which is one of the reasons so many people start with the program and keep on coming back.


The people behind Rockbox Crossfit:

Wade Torok

  • I graduated wit honours in Business at Norhtern College in 2009. I n2012, I successfully completed the L1 CrossFit certiication course after which time I and my husband fulfilled the requirements requested in the application process to become a CrossFit affiliate and ultimately the owners of Rock Box CrossFit Kapuskasing.

  • I am an avid CrosFitter who have competed in numerous CrossFit competitions across the province with the highlight of qualifying for a team event at the CanEast Games in 2019.

  • In addition to her CrossFit training, I incorporate Olympic Weightlifting to my program which led to my competing in 3 competitions and a hunger to challenge myself further in future events.

  • I utilized my knowledge I had gained through education, experience from my training and competitions to build RBCK to what it is today. 


  • CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1 Certificate Holder)

  • CrossFit Kids Trainer



  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • Camargo Oly Concepts

  • First Aid Course (Red Cross)

Kaylee Wedge

Nadia Brassard

Natasha Johnson


Tania Torok

  • I have been doing Crossfit for 4 years and started coaching in 2017. I am proud to be part of this community.  I believe that individuals of all ages and athletic abilities can achieve their fitness goals through Crossfit.  Crossfit is my passion and I look forward to sharing all my knowledge with you!    



  • Bachelors Degree in Health and Physical Education with a concentration in Health Promotion

  • CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1 Certificate Holder)

  • CrossFit Kids Trainer

  •  NCCP Competition Introduction Coach - Weightlifting 


  • The secrets of weightlifting-By Aleksey Torokhtiy

Joel Richard