Everything is awesome at RBCF, pure fun of coarse. The program is always changing and as soon as you think your getting it, theres a new challenge. Tania, and all the instructors constant coaching ensures a safe environment as you work at your own pace.

Not only that Rock Box Crossfit offers you great challenging workouts they also have programs available for all ages and levels of fitness!

I could hardly lift a 35lbs bar when I first started, but with the encouragement and help from the coaches at Rock Box Crossfit I am now able to lift way more with the right technique

Great place with even better people! Tania and the other coaches are knowledgeable and encouraging... it’s such a welcoming environment for people with any fitness level. Rockbox CrossFit is the place to be👍

Line LeClair

Awesome vibe from the get-go. 
It looks extremely intimidating at first, I must admit I didn't think a class like this was for me... I'm timid and shy BUT what a great team/programs and got to meet new people/friends.... Tanya, Nadia, Simone and Wade are very knowledgable and friendly. They help you reach a goal that only YOU would think is limits but with great guidance, encouragement and insight I get to see improvement result every week. 
Great job!

Melina Potvin

Best place ever! Amazing coaches and a great place to make new friends, learn new things and break out a sweat! Everyone is so welcoming and nobody is ever left behind!

Marcia Chum

This is basically my second home. Love the atmosphere and people. Our trainers want to see us succeed and they put the effort in to make us do just that!

Ernie Lafontaine

Crossfit is a blast! Give it a shot you'll never know until you try... 😎

Chelsea Gaulin

My favourite place !!

Lucie Credger

Wow it's great and fun!